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A       For C.a.f.c.i.

On June 9, 2012 the Caribbean-Americans For Community Involvement (CAFCI) home of our own campaign was launched with the goal of having $150,000 available to acquire land and building in the western communities. 

With our own facility CAFCI will have a place to house food collection for the less fortunate, store Toys for Tots collections, home for our Boy Scouts and their community garden, expand CAFCI’s youth mentoring program beyond scouting, and hosting CAFCI meetings and gatherings without having to pay rent.  


The main fund raising vehicle is the “Buy a Brick” program which was introduced at the June 9th event. One of the walls in the new building will contain 8x8 and 4x8 engraved brick tiles containing inscriptions of individuals or groups who “Bought a Brick” by making a $3,000 or $1,000 donations. $3,000 donors are entitled to an 8x8 brick with 5 lines of inscription containing up to 20 characters per line. $1,000 donors are entitled to a 4x8 brick with 3 lines of inscription containing up to 20 characters per line. Donations under $1,000 are recognized in the ball journal and other CAFCI publications. Donors can personalize a brick or paver for themselves, friends, and/or family; or dedicate a brick for a special occasion, like Mother’s Day, an anniversary, a birthday, or a Memorial for a loved one. The possibilities are endless. Individuals and groups are encouraged to pool together so they can make donations of $1,000 or more thereby being recognized on a brick.

Click here to "Buy A Brick"
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