Mission Statement

Caribbean American for Community Involvement's mission is to maintain and sustain the quality of life for the community, consistent with the culture and tradition of our diverse ancestral heritage.

About Us

The Caribbean American for Community Involvement in Florida, Inc. (CAFCI) was founded by a group of residents in an effort to enhance, maintain and sustain the quality of life for the community, consistent with the culture and tradition of our ancestral origins.  The organization was incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the provisions of Chapter 617 of Florida Statutes on August 13, 1999.


CAFCI is a 501(C) (3) organization committed to volunteerism and social activities, with special emphasis on our youths and senior citizens.  It functions as a resource center and information clearing house for individuals of the Caribbean-American community.  The organization’s annual affairs continue to serve and help the social, educational and health needs of the community.

Goals & Purposes

The Caribbean American for Community Involvement in Florida, Inc. was incorporated in Palm Beach County, Florida. 


The primary purpose and objectives are to:

  • create an atmosphere and sponsor events that lead to respect and mutual understanding among the ethnic groups in our community

  • To seek out, recognize, and support persons of Caribbean ancestry residing in the regions

  • To encourage involvement with other groups, spearheading projects that are likely to improve the quality of life in the community at large

  • To promote and/or positively respond to multi-cultural events which complement our efforts and enhance our objectives and values

  • Contribute to educational and humanitarian needs as warranted.

For additional information about CAFCI, can contact us at:


Caribbean-American for Community Involvement, Inc. (CAFCI)
675 Royal Palm Beach Blvd., Suite 134, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 | Phone: 561-790-4002 | E-mail address: cafci@bellsouth.net

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